pictures, pictures: Part 2

And for some knitting . . .


the first completed section of the Unbiased purse keeps company with a teeny apple-to-be.  Unfortunately the ball of yarn almost hides the wee apple.  Also, note some leaves signaling veggies to come in the garden.

I need to read more about uploading photos onto TypePad.  It isn’t as simple as it was on Earthlink.  And so, I have two entries today because I couldn’t make all the photos work together with words.  Bear with me, I’ll get it!

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3 Responses to pictures, pictures: Part 2

  1. Sarah HB says:

    I had the same thing happen to me on my “yarn feeding” finger with the recycled silk. it took the skin right off.
    I have let my hand heal and I think I will now be able to finish it wihtout further injury!!!

  2. Laurie says:

    Your purse section looks good! And it seems to get along well with that little apple. Could they cross breed and give you a silk/apple tree?
    Seriously, good work! And your kitties are lovely.

  3. Your unbiased is coming out really well. Looking forward to seeing the final bag.
    For your 100 things list … you can keep adding to that one entry until you’re done or create multiple links.

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