late to fix things

I am late to fix something – my birthday was actually April 12th, though the entry showed up the 13th so I deleted the entry.

Anyway, my mom came up from Texas and was here for 6 days so I lapsed even more on my blogging.  And since then well I’ve just been lazy (as far as blogging, not knitting).

I started a bag out of Burly Spun and Lamb’s Pride Bulky on Tuesday or Wednesday evening and just finished it.  Right now it is felting.  I made up my own ‘pattern’ and wrote everything down, but … I realized when I started it through the second cycle that I’d meant to take  a picture before felting and forgot.  Anyway, there will be a post felting/fulling photo.

Yesterday I finished one of the Fortissima Colori socks that I was knitting and plan to cast on for its partner tonight or tomorrow.  And I want to finish the Retro Rib that I’ve been working on out of Trekking XXL so that I can cast on for its partner.

This is the most interesting part of my knitting for now.  I think pictures will be soon.

Other than that, our weather has been really beautiful the last two days.  The sun has been out and the temperature has been good – my cats love it!  That combined with the time change allows much more time for kitty scavenging outdoors!

Happy Weekend!

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